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" There are two types of painters , morning painters  , painters of the evening . At the beginning of my art , I was a painter in the evening. I hung around the world of the night, I was playing pool and I painted . I needed to know about this world. And then one day , I remembered how BOBBY worked. Painter in the morning, he got up from 4am , with the first light , the birds singing ... he even told me that there were painters night and those of dawn : Their paintings are completely different. So I took root , I changed , I started to paint in the morning. At dawn, there are so many colors, light is special, it sparkles on the water, and also arcs in the sky ... my paintings have morphed with the colors: The table has a life, little any people who possess it sends a message that is happy to live long . When you sculpt a ... Ti'i , spoken to, transmitting a message. Similarly, when I paint , I translate a message of love , I paint light, I listen to the music ... there are good things in creation, but positive . Today I am a painter in the morning "


Freedom of thought

"I grew up without walls, I lived in a free world, I've never been scolded, it is required of me only that I get home before nightfall. The night we told legends, which led me to express myself as I am today in my painting, having seen the work of Bobby, who devoted himself mainly to promote our culture, our history, our legends, the beautiful, the singing, the theater, the painting. Never dwell on the bad, the ugly ... I happen to be harsh with words, but with paint, I use colors that are carriers of messages. My intention in painting is to transmit legends that are not so well known, such as the legend of TEREHE ... "

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painting an artwork

is like

making a child


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