For several years, my works illustrate Polynesian legends, or tenderness of love scenes, these are the reflections of my family life. My works are, for many, colorful adaptations of legends the man who shares my life Marama Lorenzo has told me, scholar of its culture, its wealth of knowledge draws the traits of our common works, accompanied childlike reveries of Matairea

 Matairea, 7, and I, we will propose to the public the discovery of an uncommon art exhibition

Indeed Matairea will make his first exhibition of ART with me

she asked me sooner a year ago, then little by little we have selected works.

And it is with great pride that she will present at our expo, to be held from 20th to 24th October 2015 at MURI AVAI hall, Maison de la Culture in Papeete



of the soul


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The exhibition is titled ART FOR DREAMS, or TAHITIAN "A rahu To Moemoea" ...."Let's create our dreams" in French.

The works of Matairea will not be for sale, the goal is to show the public gaze and artistic approach children to the world around them.

For adults to discover the beauty of art CHILD, innocent and very ORIGINAL.

Maybe it will be possible in future to circulate the works of Matairea in

primary schools? it is an idea that will please her well.

Matairea paints with acrylics and water colours like all children, she paints on various materials, cardboard, paper, canvas, wood tip, draws in pastel pencils and markers. Also be aware that as a mom and artist, I help & correct her whith dripping paint, and we do work together and I sign as "RIMA Tauturu".

Although the works of Matairea will not be for sale, it will be possible during the expo to buy reproductions of his works, posters, that she will be glad you had the autograph on opening night

and the following days .. if she is not at school ....

Finally, I will present some of my creations at this expo some will be for sale, to another are personal works that belong to our family private collection; but I'd be happy to share, and if necessary I also propose reproductions ...

Finally a work present at the exhibition will be devoted to the fight against violence, posters of artwork will be sold for reaping funds for Vahine ORAMA Tahiti Association iti the prekil who work as volunteers to come to the aid for victims of domestic violence as well as al respect of abuse against children.

Mauruuru to everyone who supports and m brings encouragement, your smiles Mauruuru for your kind words, I hope you would come many in our next exhibition room MURIAVAI from 20 to 24 October

Thank you to the Maison de la Culture for welcoming our artists.