For those who live in abroad or in metropolitan, I send by mail works, the payment is made by a simple bank transfer

The timing of payments is possible, in order not to deprive anyone of access to art.



Ia ora na my friends,
Whether for a birthday, a declaration of friendship or love, it happens that we seek an original gift for others and even sometimes for ourselves ... For those who love art you will find original art, and also copies cheaper  warm and soulfull ...


I propose small sizes, slightly larger than A4, unnumbered, priced at 3000 fcp.

There are also larger copies numbered from 1 to 50 and signed with a dedication for those who wish.

Prices depend on the size, and between 7.000fcp 20.000fcp.

For Christmas, a birthday, a nice touch, these are great gifts to offer. Feel free to share the link to this site and to circulate the information to anyone potentially interested in art.

For further information or the purchase of original work, commissioned by litho or a site visit, thanks to contact me

Visiting the Sarahina gallery is free and is located at the peninsula, PK 57, 700 Bay side Phaeton ...